My name is Ramen Mooken and I have been working in textile dyeing and finishing for 26 years. I have developed an ecofriendly method of dyeing after nine years of work.

I am willing to share this technology: How it is done, how to build the machine and all the necessary knowledge needed to produce it.

Feel free to contact me via the website’s form.


Eco-friendly dyeing reduces water consumption by 50%, chemical consumption by 75%, energy consumption by 50%, and waste water by 80%. This process has been implemented using the Physical Law of Conservation of Energy, and taking into consideration the absorption rate of fibers using a simple mathematical formula.

Using the Physical Law of Chaos, every piece I produce is a different colour display prototype. That is, you can find a piece having the same design, same fiber, same color, but it is very difficult to find another similar piece, because each piece is produced with care so that your choice will remain faithful to you forever.

Please have a look at the gallery for some samples of my work.


Here are some samples of my products. Each sample created is a prototype.


I also provide printing on clothes services. Feel free to contact me if you are interested to get your personalized clothes.


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